USWA Participates in the 2010 US Wushu Junior Team Try Outs

US Wushu Junior Team Try OuThe United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation, Inc. (USAWKF) is hosting its Nationals and International Wushu-Kungfu Championships. It will be held from July 16-18, 2010 in San Jose, California.

One of the highlights of this biennial event is to select the National Junior Team to represent the USA at the Junior World Championships. 36 junior athletes will be selected for the USA National Junior Wushu team and the top 12 junior athletes will compete in the 3rd World Junior Wushu Championship in Singapore, December 2-9, 2010.

For the last two weeks, these young competitors have practiced tirelessly at both the Virginia and Maryland schools. Parent's organized car-pools and meet ups in order to support the student's training efforts. All parents and students attended practices the last two Saturdays to ensure that they would be fully prepared for this historic competition.

While Coach Guifeng led the training effort here in the US, Coach Pei led a group to Beijing, China to practice for the competition. The US practice was highlighted by a visit from the internationally known Wushu coach, Wu Bin.

The US Wushu Academy is proud to send 21 representatives, YuHau Lin, Mathew Lee, Joana Pei, Sam Tsen, Erica Yu, Sandra Mosely, Naomi Crossley, Wei Li Cheng, Kevin Pung, Andrew Chang, Nathan Quan, Emily Hwang, Brian Tu, Benjamin Tran, Reece Carter, Jessica Yin, Brianna Vaca, Sarah Pratt, Lucy Brookover, Isabella Femia and Tang Annie to the National Junior Team Trials competition. If some are selected, they will represent the US and our school in international competition. We wish all the young ones good luck!

Many other US Wushu Academy students of many ages will be participating in other national events including Tai Chi, Sanshou, and traditional weapons. We wish them support and success in their efforts to proudly represent our school. We know that they will represent our school with honor, integrity and respect.