Washington Education Zone, Wagner Hall          

6511 Princess Garden Parkway, Lanham, Maryland 20706



The Washington Education Zone is a 62-acre comprehensive community located just east of the Capital Beltway and about 2 miles south of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. The campus houses many buildings including an air-conditioned gymnasium, a cafeteria, and dormitory space. The Washington Education Zone also has over 300 parking spaces.​

Wagner Hall

Wagner Hall is where we will host our US Challenge event.  The gym is 28,650 sq. feet and is air-conditioned.  The gym also provides enough space for everyone spectating and supporting the athletes to enjoy this event.

Lanham Café

Deli inside the gym.


According to, there are 129 hotels within a 10-mile radius. We have found that it is better to leave the lodging options open so you can find the best deal for your particular situation. This area offers many local attractions that may interest you during your stay, so choose a housing situation that best suits you!


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