Other Martial Arts Sites


Aiping Tai Chi & Wushu Center, The

Ai Ping Cheng is Three Time All-China National Tai Chi champion and international known expert, teacher and judge.


American Wu Shu Society

This New York based orgainization is doing its best to bring wushu to the large in the US. Also is the first to bring together the hip-hop and wushu. AWS is going to become a non-profit orgainization in the near future.


Beijing Wushu Team

One of the most comprehensive Wushu site, dedicated to the Beijing Wushu Team and Wushu in the US. Hosted by Raffi.


Dragon Culture

Hosted by Li YangLong (Former Hebei Wushu Team) and Lin QiuPing (Fomer Fujian Wushu Team). Dragon Culture is promoting Wushu and Taiji in the Wolfsburg, Germany area.


Grey Tiger Taiji Kung Fu Academy

Dr. Bill Swann, the Master instructor has a very good curricula for his students. He teaches in the Montgomery County, Maryland.


International Wushu Exchange Society 

One of the best Wushu site in the world. IWES is a bi-lingual site, it offers both in English and Spanish. You could sign up a study trip in China or learn Wushu online. IWES offers syllabus for coaches or schools who wish to set up a Wushu program. Wushu chat and conference.


Jet Li 

Asian film superstar Jet Li's official Web Site. The official site will provide information on the actor and his films, and as well as provide a unique means for direct contact between him and his fans.


John Wai's Florida Kung Fu Academy

One of the best Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Academy in Florida under the direction of Master John Wai.


Bei Dou Kung Fu Academy

Qiang Li began studying Wushu at the age of six. She exhibited immense talent and potential, and at the age of fifteen, she entered the Beijing Wushu Team. now lives in IL, USA. Naperville, Hanover Park, Chicago and Palatine.


Qi Journal

A comprehensive website in Traditional Eastern Arts of Tai Chi, Traditional Medicine, Qigong, Chinese Culture, etc.


Sitan Tai Chi & Martial Arts

Sitan Tai Chi and Martial Arts was founded by world Tai Chi champion Sitan Chen in 2007. With the mission of promoting Tai Chi and providing a forum for those interested in Tai Chi, Master Chen has established his headquarters in New York. Instruction is offered in Tai Chi, Health Qigong, and Wushu.


Stanford Wushu

Founded in 1997. Currently the team is being coached by Philip Wong (former US Wushu Team Member) and Zhang Hong Mei (former Beijing Wushu Team Member).


Wah Lum Kung Fu Temple 

Founded in 1980 by Grand Master Pui Chan, currently the only 6th generation successor of the Northern Praying Mantis system in the U.S. and 33rd generation successor of the Shaolin Temple, China.


Wushu Action Star Academy

Li Jing, former Beijing Wushu Team member, now lives in Temple City CA, Founder and head coach Jing Li began her Wushu career at the age of 6 and is now one of the world's leading female martial arts experts and top Hollywood stunt actors.


World Martial Arts Academy

Li Jinheng, former Beijing Wushu Team member, now lives in Phoenix, AZ. Website offers instuctional and supply information.


Wushu Taich Center

Liu,Yu, former Jiangsu Province Professional Wushu Team (1974-1985),now lives in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Wushu West 

Hao Zhihuo, aka Patti Li, former Beijing Wushu Team member, now lives in Berkerly, CA. Website offers instuctional information and video clips.


Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association

One of the most informative website in the United Kingdom. List classes information and Zhong Ding Grand Championship.