Cameron MozafariCameron Mozafari

Personal Information
Name: Cameron Mozafari
AKA: white boy, perznboy, god of wushu, camoza
Height: 5'8
DOB: Feb 7 1986.. yes imma youngin

: injured... soon to be recovered
Style: Wushu
Specialties: Staff, Chanquan, BroadswordMissions:
2002 SIDEKICK International Martial Arts Championship, one 5th, one 7th.
2002 U.S. Capitol Classics International Martial Arts Tournament, two 6th.
2002 Charlie Lee Nationals Presents The World Series of Martial Arts Tournament of Champions, one bronze, one 4th.
2001 cherry blossom parade and 4th of july parade

In the Real World
Skills: Stay on the internet for days at a time. The king of the chat room and message board. Able to discuss any subject in this universe. Knowledge beyound the books collection of the Libary of Congress.
Hobbies: Running for political office, fixing and repair F16 jets (that is how I got injury in the last mission but you not suppose to know), growing taller everyday.