Miquel Armendaris


My Personal Information

Name: Miquel Armendaris
AKA: Iron Fist
My idols and Heroes:
Jet Li
Personal Quote:
To the limit and beyond

My Life in the US Wushu Academy

Trained at : Virginia Academy
Style: Wushu
Rank: Gold
Specialties: Empty Hand, Staff and Broadsword
Favorite Activies: Sparring Drills and take down techniques
Goals: National level competitions
Achievements: Coming soon, just watch this space

In the Real World

Occupation: Studing to become a better agent for an agency that you can not know. :)
Favorite Gadgets: Two-Way Radios, Lap top computers, Radio control airplanes, SUV, Scuba diving
Special Telents:
Perfect Spanish and English, delivering 3 punches in one second,
Hobbies & Interests: Sky diving with a surf board, Painting, Classical Music, Dancing, Weapon sparring, Write poets, fighting for the underdogs,

My Comments

I started Wushu because I always wanted to learn how to defend myself and to learn a fighting technique that is also an art.
What I like the most about Wushu is the discipline and how the coaches have patience and teach you until you fully understand the forms.
Wushu has given me more discipline in school and at my home. Master Pei is my favorite coach because he pushes you to the max.