2016 U.S. Wushu Junior Team Trials.

2016 Wushu Team TrialsThe 2016 U.S. Wushu Junior Team Trials were held on July 9-10th, 2016, in San Jose, California. 

Twenty-two (22) athletes represented USWA at the junior team tryouts, with 10 athletes securing a spot on the National Team. 

Among the 200 competitors that came from around the country, our students were among the top 10 percentile.

"Coaches' Angels!"  

The success of our training program stems from the support of all the parents (and grandparents) of our students.

 Our team bonding goes beyond just the athletes. Supportive parents work closely together with the Coaches to boost team morale. From coaches, athletes, parents, grandparents, and siblings, there were over 60 people traveling on the USWA Team from the East Coast to San Jose, CA!  ‪#‎USWA‬ ‪#‎eatsleepwushu‬ ‪#‎wushufamily‬

 Congratulations athletes!

Through the injuries and the long practices, you never gave up and gave it your 150% at the 2016 U.S. Wushu Junior Team Trials. USWA is proud of each and every one of our athletes.

 Group A Athletes

Tasha Pressler Brian Tu Jessica Yin

 Group B Athletes

Lucy Brookover Justin Chow Helen Gu
Deepica Premaratne Benjamin Tran Kevin Tu
Vincent Zhong    

 Group C Athletes

Evelyn Chen Jocelyn Gu Michelle Hsiung
Kevin Jiang Eric Li Joanne Li
Aline Nguyen-Trang Timothy Nguyen-Trang Benjamin Tang
Brayden Tran Alvin Wang William Zhu


2016 US Team Trials 22 athletes


2016 Team Trials US ABC Team