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"Coaches' Angels!" The success of our training program stems from the support of all the parents (and grandparents) of our students. This year, 22 athletes represented USWA at the National Junior Wushu Team Trials; 10 secured spots on the National team (the most from any school). Among the 200 competitors nationwide, our students were among the top 10%! Our team bonding goes beyond just the athletes. Supportive parents work closely together with the Coaches to boost team morale... with coaches, athletes, parents (and grandparents), and siblings, we had over 60 people on the USWA team travel from the East Coast to San Jose, CA for this year's event!!!!! USWA was invited to perform at the Washington Wizards vs. Golden State Warriors game halftime show on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016, in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Our students are photographed above with the Washington Wizards during the National Anthem.
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US Wushu Academy featured in CCTV 9 documentray film on "A Biz Date With the World" USWA begins at 24'33". 2015 NBA Celebrate Chinese New Year with USWA Click Here For #WizWarriors Facebook
USWA Dragon and Wushu Team Performed at NBA Half Time on February 1, 2014 between the Washington Wizards and the Oklahoma City Thunder at Verizon Center
A Reunion Between Old Teammates
Coach Pei, Jet Li with Teammate Coach Zhang Guifeng
Fairfax, Virginia August 14, 2011

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