JoanaCoach Joana Pei


3rd World Junior Wushu Championship in Singapore Gold and Silver Medal.


10 WWC Joana sJoana 2

Personal Information

Name: Joana Pei
: Jo Jo

Status: Active
Black Belt
Style: Wushu
Specialties: Changquan, Broadsword, and Staff

2010 US Junior Wushu A Team (Group A Female Captain)
2009 Toronto, Canada, 10th Wushu World Championships, 5th in Broadsword
2009 US Wushu A Team Member
2008 US Junior Wushu B Team Captain
2007 US Wushu B Team Captain
2006 Disney’s Martial Arts Festival Tiger Claw Elite Championship 1st Contemporary Wushu 13 -17 M/F
2006 Crystal City, VA, Tiger Claw Elite 1st Contemporary Wushu Weapons 13-17 M/F
2006 Crystal City, VA, Tiger Claw Elite 1st Contemp Wushu Forms 13-17 M/F
2006 Toronto, Canada, Pan-Am Games 1st in Staff
2006 US Junior Wushu C Team Member
2005 Hanoi, Vietnam, 8th Wushu World Championships, 5th in Broadsword
2005 US Wushu A Team Member
2002 USCKF,Baltimore, MD, two golds, one silver, and one bronze
2002 USCKF competitor of the year nominee
2002 NASKA,Chantilly, VA, finalist (5th place)
2001 USCKF,Baltimore, MD, three gold medals.
2000 USCKF,Baltimore, MD, two gold and one silver medals.
1999 Beijing International Wushu Taiji Championship, China, one gold and two silvers medals.

In the Real World
2001 Artists, Arlington Public Schools Elementary School Art Exhibit.
1999 I.S.I. Spring Skating Competition, Bronze Medal.
1997 I.S.I. Spring Skating Competition, Gold Medal.
Occupation: Student
Favorite Books: Twilight, The Catcher In the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite Shows: Ninja Warrior, The Office, Scrubs, CSI: Miami, Chuck