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October Rank Testing
Saturday, October 13, 2018, 01:00pm - 03:00pm
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USWA Rank Testing October 13, 2018

Rank Testing is located at the Virginia's

United States Wushu Academy

2979 Prosperity Avenue, Fairfax, VA 22031


Pre-Testing Rules

  1. Check in with the testing official at least 30 minutes before Your Scheduled time
  2. Rank Advancement Request Form has been approved and completed
  3. Tardy students WILL NOT ALLOW testing and will be rescheduled for next month
  4. Proper Grooming and Full Complete Clean Uniform is required for testing
  5. Students are responsible for their own warm-up and equipment




1:10 PM Yang Style Taijiquan

VA          B. Dibene

Taiji New Rank Ceremony

1 :20 PM Wushu Basic

First Team

MD         Waley Wang

MD         Evan Mao

MD         Audrey Wang

MD         Alvin Wang

MD         Selena Zhang

MD         Ethan Mao

MD         Albert Liu

MD         Angie Sun

MD         Isabella Jiang

Second Team

VA          Daniel Tavazoei

1 :35 PM Wushu Individuel Routine

VA          Tasha Pressler                   Changquan

MD         Justin Chow                        Changquan

VA          Daniel Tavazoei                 Basic Form

MD         Angie Sun                           Changquan

MD         Albert Liu                             Staff

MD         Selena Zhang                     Staff

MD         Justin Chow                        Spear

VA          Tasha Pressler                   Spear

MD         Evan Mao                            Spear

MD         Audrey Wang                     Spear

MD         Ethan Mao                          Spear

MD         Isabella Jiang                      Spear

MD         Justin Chow                        Sword

VA          Tasha Pressler                   Sword

MD         Alvin Wang                         Sword

MD         Waley Wang                       Sword

MD         Justin Chow                        Double Hook

VA          Tasha Pressler                   Double Sword

Wushu New Rank Ceremony